Masterclass, Tom De Houwer


  • De 8 componenten van een succesvol creatief proces.
  • De design regels voor “Harmonieus Less Is More Design” die Tom consequent toepast.
  • Waarom de meeste creatieve floristen het moeilijk hebben om hun boterham te verdienen.
  • De Golden Lotus -strategie om je blik te verruimen en bijgevolg je concurrenten voor te blijven.
  • Tips & tricks om je klantenbestand te verruimen en je aanbod te variëren. 

Maandag, Euroveiling (Tribune) - 14:00


Reservatie verplicht

info & reservatie : 02/241.47.52 - 




About Tom


 Originating from Belgium, Tom de Houwer is celebrated as one of the most talented designers of this time. His unique designs and holistic methods that are driven by philosophical meaning have been inspiring thousands of people worldwide through speaking engagements, professional & student workshops and publications in dozens of magazines.


Tom’s style originated at a young age, inspired solely by his relationship to his inner world and how he interpreted it. He is now driven to inspire other designers to discover their authentic relationship with themselves, and with newfound awareness translate the meaning to their own designs.

He has been described by students, employees, and fellow designers as a genuine force of nature: wildly creative with a pursuit of the delicate balance between perfection and authenticity, which often evokes honest emotion. In addition to being in the floral retail business for 20 years, Tom’s speaking engagements and demonstrations have brought him all over the world, from China to South Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, France, Italy, and the U.K. just to name a few. 


His vast experience in teaching for years has brought him to his epiphany of what creates a successful and lasting transformation to a creative’s personal and professional life. And now he is ready to bring this method to designers, worldwide, in the hope of bringing new purpose, passion, and inspiration.